Getting Better


Hi all.  I just wanted to quickly post that Sophia has been feeling much better the past couple of days.  She is still needing a few breathing treatments daily, but overall she is on the mend.  We had a great holiday yesterday.  In the morning we went to the city market with my parents and scored lots of fresh produce.  Sophia loves to go because she “samples” all the berries the farmers are selling that are near her grasp.  Later we spent the evening with Michael’s family eating dinner and letting off our own fireworks.  Sophia was some what scare of the fireworks that made loud noises.  Then we came home and watched “big” fireworks on television.  She said she might like to go see “big” fireworks when she gets older.  Michael and I hope everybody had a safe and happy holiday.

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2 Responses to “Getting Better”

  1. Granny Says:

    Sophia is no dummy, she knows that TV fireworks are harmless, the ones at home scare her.
    Thank goodness she has Mommy to hang on to, Mommy always saves the girl from anything scary

  2. GoofyJ Says:

    So glad she is feeling better! Glad you had a good holiday

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