She Loves a Good Party


Sophia loves parties, in particular birthday parties.  She is just as excited about other peoples birthdays as her own.  We have a lot of family birthdays in June and July so Sophia has been over joyed at the opportunity to celebrate everyones birthdays.  Tomorrow night we are going out to dinner with Michael’s family to celebrate three birthdays and this weekend we have two big family birthday parties to attend.  Sophia is on cloud nine about our social schedule and all she talks about is eating cake and seeing her family.

Michael and I have been working with Sophia to write her name.  For the most part, she can write her name with out us telling her which letter comes next.  We are really proud of her and I know her teacher’s will be to when she goes back to school in the fall.  Although I know Sophia is really enjoying her summer, she often refers to her teachers and her school.  So I know she is missing going to class every day and her school friends.

Finally I wanted to share a story about what happened the other day at the spray water park (which is located at the entrance of the local pool) .  As you all know Sophia loves to go swimming so sometimes after swimming class (held in an indoor pool) we go to the local outdoor pool to work on what she learned in swimming class that day.  We were getting ready to leave and Sophia wanted to run thru the the spray water area of the park.  I said that was fine and took my place sitting on one of the many benches surrounding the water spouts.  I noticed this nice looking family sitting on a blanket in the grass near by; a dad, teenage girl, a little blind girl close to Sophia’s age and a baby.  The dad led the blind girl over to one of the benches and told her to have fun playing in the water.  Then he went back to the blanket with his other two daughters.  Sophia promptly came up to me and asked if she could play with the girl.  I said yes, but told Sophia  that she could not see.  Sophia’s response was “ok” and she immediately went over and introduced herself.  The other little girl smiled and excitedly  introduced herself as well.  The two girls held hands, played and had so much fun for the next 15 minutes.  Then her dad came over and said how nice my daughter was for playing with his child.  I said thank you and told him it looked like he was raising  a lovely daughter too.  I was so impressed with how this father was clearly teaching his child to not be fearful of the world just because of her handicap.  She was such a beautiful and happy child just like my daughter and watching them play together was a very joyful moment to me.  I am proud of Sophia for being such a kind, sweet and generous girl.  I love her more everyday and try not to take being her mom or the relationship we have for granted.

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3 Responses to “She Loves a Good Party”

  1. Megan Says:

    Ohhhh, that story just warmed my heart. What a beautiful little girl Sophia is, inside and out! That says so much about your parenting and who you two are as people. Good job, Mom and Dad!! xo

  2. Granny Says:

    I see Sophia being such a sweet generous child but this story says what she is all about.
    She never questioned why the little girl could not see all she saw was a child her age that needed a friend to play with.
    I only wish all children could look past disabilities and just be a playmate to another child.
    So many children are not taught to be loving towards other human beings but not my sweet Sophia, she was always taught to share and be polite and loving to everyone.
    Good job Mike and Patty.

  3. Kenna Says:

    Thank you for sharing that moment Patty. It brought tears to my eyes. You and Michael are wonderful parents and it shows. Sophia has always been such a strong, sweet person. It is so exciting to see her growth. I know her future will continue to be blessed as she is a blessing to others. I miss you guys! Much love!

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