Back to Normal


I wanted to post that Sophia is all well now (from her pneumonia).  I am so pleased that she recovered with in a week and a half with just the help of an antibiotic and periodic nebulizer treatments.  It had been on my mind that exactly a year ago July 5th 2008 Sophia had been hospitalized for pneumonia for 5 days and later again for a week in January 2009 for the same thing.  So we have now set a record for the longest time that Sophia has not been admitted to the hospital.  Her doctors, father, family and I all think her overall health is great.  Her height and weight are right were they should be.  I finally feel like she is able to  fight infections in a more “normal” way with out taking multiple rounds of antibiotics or hospitalizations.  I believe those days are hopefully behind us now.

Sophia had an ENT appointment last week that I wanted to mention.  After another hearing test her doctor concluded that Sophia is still showing evidence of minimal hearing loss in her right ear (left ear was with in normal range).  He said that a hearing aide was an option, but did not recommend it because he did not feel she would leave it on and because the hearing in her left ear was with in normal range.  The doctor said that as long as she was hearing with in normal range on her left side that the hearing loss should not effect her speech very much (if at all).  He said we should repeat the hearing test annually.  The cause for the hearing loss is like some abnormality in the bone structure in her little ears.  This would be another symptom of Sophia’s DiGeorge syndrome.

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One Response to “Back to Normal”

  1. Megan Says:

    Hey guys, thanks for the info on the pneumovax booster. Hopefully Elijah will follow suit and those antibodies will be created for him, too.

    I’m so happy to hear that Sophia is doing so well and seems to have the turbulent days of sickness behind her. We hope Elijah will get there someday, too! Sophia is our inspiration! xo

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